Now that we are officially into the fall season, it is time for an update on the changes that have been made to both our PDF catalogs and our 2020 Design catalogs. Most of them are minor updates and/or adjustments to ensure the correct options, defaults, sizes and pricing is reflected in both the regular catalog and the design catalog. Our team members continually monitor this throughout each week and then update/adjust when needed. The list below will give you the rundown on those changes.

Please make sure that you DELETE all old versions of the 2020 Design catalogs and the PDF catalog, and then DOWNLOAD the new updated versions from above.

Catalog Updates/Changes:
  • FINISH COLOR CHANGE: SM48 Admiral is no longer available, please discard those from your sample boxes. We have replaced that with SM49 Navy and would like to send you a replacement to add to your sample box. Please email Jamie Wheeler at to get that sample replaced.
  • WALL TRACK COLORS: H-WTC-BROWN Wall Track Cover is no longer available. The available colors are located in the CLOzX Hardware & Accessories section of the catalog, as well as in 2020 Design.
  • CLOzX DOOR MODIFICATION UPDATE: Slab to Shake door modification (M-SHAKER) has an additional note listed stating that it is available only up to 59” in height.
  • FLAT STOCK UPDATE: FS2-96 is now available in both our CABnX and Euro-LogiX catalogs
  • Utility SKU# DELETED: Utility Full Height SKU UFH4296 is no longer available.
  • Various 2020 DESIGN issues/adjustments found and/or brought to our attention have been resolved.