Our Mission

Caring for our team, customers, and community, we provide products with the greatest level of quality and value utilizing creative and innovative techniques.

Our Core Values

  1. Honesty– In everything we do.
  2. Accountability– Own your responsibilities to our customers and team members
  3. Continuous Professional Development– Train, Teach, Coach, Regiment
  4. Dynamic– Make tomorrow better than today and embrace change
  5. Respect– Starts with yourself and never ends
  6. Attitude– positive, motivated and driven to solutions.
  • Item 1

    Item 1

    Founded as a contract wood products fabricator in 2000 by brothers Chris and Todd Lefeber.

  • Item 2

    Item 2

    Utilizing mostly manual machines, the company set off to not accept the millwork industry status quo.

  • Item 3

    Item 3

    In 2006, the addition of CNC equipment and parametric engineering software helped the company create and refine efficiencies in casework manufacturing.

  • Item 4

    Item 4

    Late 2008 brought the realization of its capacity as a manufacturer and not just a subcontractor. Quest decided to move from direct sales to a dealer network sales model.

  • Item 5

    Item 5

    New and additional equipment was added to the plant allowing greater capacity and consistency in 2010.

  • Item 6

    Item 6

    The first multi-family project in Milwaukee was completed in 2010. A significant first step in the growth of the business model to working directly with developers.

  • Item 7

    Item 7

    In the fall of 2012, Quest moved from its original facility in West Bend, WI to a newly renovated production facility in Richfield, WI.

  • Item 8

    Item 8

    2012 also brought the expansion of the multi-family business as the first high rise in the Chicago market was completed.

  • Item 9

    Item 9

    Fall of 2014 brought the design of a new automated panel processing cell and infrastructure to allow for a 300% increase in capacity.

  • custom designed kitchens

    Item 10

    May of 2015 Quest implemented phase one of the expansion and a second manufacturing plant. This facility in Jackson, WI provided the opportunity to service highly custom product and a design center and showroom.

  • Item 11

    Item 11

    Phase two began in June of 2015. A complete reconfiguration of the Richfield, WI facility and addition of the first part of the automated panel processing cell.

  • Item 12

    Item 12

    Phase three in July 2015 brought the installation of the robotic storage and retrieval system.

  • Item 13

    Item 13

    2020 has brought many challenges and new opportunities as the multi-family team has moved into the New York market with its first project on Long Island.