Quest Engineering Team

Quest Engineering, Inc. is committed to supporting the local and global community. By providing secure team member employment, maintaining an environmentally conscious facility and process, and supporting local initiatives, Quest serves as a good steward to our neighbors.

An example of how Quest Engineering is committed to supporting our neighbors, we are involved in Skills for the Future Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program.  Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Department of Workforce Development, integrates school-based and work-based learning to provide students with occupational skills and improve their employability.  Students are taught by qualified teachers and skilled worksite mentors to prepare for careers while still in high school, developing the technical and specific job skills required by Wisconsin industries.

We currently have two students from a local high school involved in this program.  There are many benefits for both the apprentice and employer. The apprentice needs to interview with the company to be selected and create a work / school schedule that will coordinate with us.  Quest Engineering gets to work with highly motivated students and provide various positive benefits to our work environment.

Hiring remains a challenge for this industry. There is concern that carpenters and other trades are in short supply across the US.  Quest Engineering wants to help high school students understand that there are many options available to them.  Not everyone is able to or desires to continue further in a higher education.  We believe making students aware of all their options available after High School, is one key to a successful future.