Founded as a contract wood products fabricator in 2001 by brothers Chris and Todd Lefeber.  In a town with over twenty other “cabinet shops”, Quest was a different kind of company…different by design.  The word Quest defined as “A Search” and the word Engineer defined as “accomplishing by a more studied means”, the company set off to not accept the millwork industry status quo and to develop their own means.

With the meager beginnings of mostly manual machines, an investment in the company’s future came in 2006 with the addition of CNC equipment and parametric engineering software.  This was a lifestyle change for the company; leapfrogging decades of old methodology, the team created and refined efficiencies in casework manufacturing.


By late 2008, the company realized its capacity as a manufacturer, not a subcontractor. The company decided to make a dedicated effort to change from direct sales to a dealer sales model. This was completed by early 2010 without conflict of interest. 2010 also brought new and additional equipment to our plant, allowing greater capacity and consistency.

In the fall of 2012, Quest Engineering moved from its original facility in West Bend, to a newly renovated production facility in Richfield, WI. With the new plant came new opportunities, new customers, and the need for additional capacity. Quest began a chase… to catch the growth curve, and to implement equipment and the support team to jump that curve and allow further growth and expansion.

In the fall of 2014, the Quest team began designing a new automated panel processing cell and infrastructure build to allow for a target increase of 300% in capacity. In May of 2015, working with equipment, software, and special service vendors, Quest began phase one of our expansion, the addition of a second manufacturing plant. Housing a flexible casework production cell, a custom fabrication cell, and a small warehouse. The Jackson, WI facility provides the opportunity to service highly custom product manufacturing. The facility also includes a design center and showroom.


Phase two began in June of 2015, with the complete reconfiguration of the Richfield facility and addition of the first part of our automated panel processing cell. At this point, the oldest piece of equipment in the plant is only one year old. After months of planning, the reconfiguration takes place systematically with no down time to production.

Phase three began in July 2015 with the installation of an automated robotic storage and retrieval system. With the completion of the new automated panels processing cell, Quest utilizes the ultimate solution in both flexibility and efficiency to service our market.

Today, our “Batch One” manufacturing philosophy is embedded in everything we do, offering the flexibility of single custom products to our markets. We appreciate the opportunity to create future relationships, and look forward to many successful projects together.