Executive Management

Chris and Todd Lefeber

Chris Lefeber – President / Chief Executive Officer
Chris is a true perpetual entrepreneur starting at the very young age of 10. With country furniture making, driveway sealing, and fishing lure making adventures prior to age 15, Chris has generated a methodology of not accepting the status quo. Chris provides company leadership focusing on accountability, respect, and building a dynamic culture. His wealth of industry experience has helped Quest Engineering, Inc. develop into a multi-faceted producer.

Todd Lefeber – Vice President / Chief Operations Officer
Todd lives and breathes casework. Providing visionary leadership he is charged with overall operations management. Todd is well versed in all applications of engineering and production of casework products. Beginning his real life career as a carpenter, Todd took a leap of faith following his brother Chris into a business of their own a mere 6 months out of high school. They never looked back, and truly paved their own road to a successful operation.

Beth (center) with some members of the Quest team.
From left; Collyn Kulow, Adam Eckl and Cassie Strasser.

Beth Richmond – VP of Operations
Beth leads a talented group of people in the areas of sales & product support, project management, purchasing & logistics and product engineering. Her goal is to learn from team members every day by listening, providing the tools needed to excel in their positions and really take time to develop individual talents. This winning formula has helped Quest in revolutionizing the frameless cabinet industry through modern design, innovation, dependability & functionality. Beth considers herself very fortunate to work for a company with such solid top-down leadership and believes they are only beginning to scratch the surface of accomplishing great things!

Todd Grebe

Todd Grebe

Todd Grebe – Director of Engineering
Todd Grebe has many years of engineered wood panel manufacturing experience. His knowledge of industrial woodworking machinery, software, and continuous improvement makes him a perfect fit for his role as Director of Engineering at Quest. Todd is tasked with transitioning a sales order into something that can be efficiently manufactured. He and his team of engineers continuously meet the challenges of custom product requests with drawings, machine programs, and assembly instructions to ensure the customer receives a product that is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

Product Engineering & Project Management Teams
Collaborating with customers & team members from concept to completion, the product engineering and project management teams at Quest are an integral part of the overall operations.

The Quest Product Engineering team from left; Todd Grebe,
Adam Eckl and Cory Burns

The Quest Project Management team from left; Collyn Kulow,
Jon VanderBunt and Ryan Kritz

Ryan Wagner

Ryan Wagner

Ryan Wagner – VP of Sales & Marketing
Ryan comes to Quest from the media business, specifically Surface & Panel magazine; the only magazine that focuses exclusively on the European panel processing style of cabinetry for North America. His background in sales and marketing is extensive, including working with such groups as the Composite Panel Association, North American Building Materials Distribution Association and the International Wood Products Association. His knowledge of the materials used in our industry coupled with his understanding of kitchen, bath and closet companies from around the world make him a great fit for taking Quest to the next level of what we do and what we offer.

Brian Klingele

Brian Klingele
Production Manager

As the production manager for our Jackson, WI facility, Brian supervises daily operations of custom product fabrication. Brian compliments our team with many years of hands-on custom product fabrication and a global knowledge of materials. Brian is truly a project and customer centric facilitator.

Matt Wolf
Production Supervisor – Richfield

Matt began working for Quest more than 6 years ago while searching for a career, not just a job. Through hard work and dedication, he has steadily moved his way up to his current role as production supervisor of the Richfield facility. By gaining the trust and respect of his co-workers and upper management alike, he now oversees critical production operations on a daily basis, while still keeping things light with his sense of humor.

Shelly Hagen and Sue Buboltz

Shelly Hagen – Product Specialist
Drawing on experience from many architectural segments, Shelly offers foresight on both design and functionality of Quest products. Initially part of the customer service team, she utilizes her background in interior architecture to support sales, marketing, and product development. At home Shelly keeps busy with her three teenage kids, watching them at sports competitions or enjoying their family cottage.

Sue Buboltz – Product Specialist
Sue uses her many skills and positive energy to help differentiate Quest from others in the industry. Her knowledge in cabinetry & construction makes her an invaluable resource in assisting both customers and teammates alike. Sue loves being part of the Quest team! She enjoys spending free time outdoors with her family and likes to create her own adventure.

Angie Lefeber
Director of Administration

Angie has been involved with the company since 2002 in many roles, including production and office management. She does not fear rolling up her sleeves and assisting in all aspects of our business. Angie supervises all administrative capacities, and is the back bone to the behind-the-scenes operations.

Cassie Strasser
Production Coordinator

Cassie is responsible for purchasing materials and supplies for all three of the Quest plants. She not only keeps things up and running by coordinating the timely acquisition of job specific production materials, but also makes sure the inventory of necessary supplies and other stock items are always available when needed.
Much of Cassie’s spare time is spent tending to her two big dogs, Cooper and Sully.

Ashley Harris
Administrative Assistant

“Front Desk Ashley” is literally the face of our company, as she is usually the first to greet you when you arrive. You might also recognize her voice when she answers the phone and redirects your calls. She keeps busy with the processing of sales orders, billing and invoicing, and she still finds time to take care of Tucker & Scooter, our office family labrador duo. Ashley is light-hearted, funny and keeps us all entertained!

Quest Engineering Delivery Drivers
Nick, Cameron, and Jim – Our Delivery Drivers
On a daily basis, the Quest delivery team travels the highways and byways of Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond to make sure your order is received when you need it. Over the course of a year, they log many miles to make it all happen. Honk your horn the next time you see a Quest truck on the road and one of our friendly drivers; (from left) Nick, Cameron and Jim will likely send a smile your way.

Tucker & Scooter

Tucker & Scooter
While maintaining duties of greeting visitors and interrupting meetings, this Labrador duo mainly focus their efforts in gravitation studies; that is, making sure the carpet does not float away by laying on it. All kidding aside, a black lab has always had a place in day to day operations at Quest Engineering, Inc. After all, this is a family environment, with all team members, vendors, and customer a part of our big family.