We have recently made a few changes to our catalog. Please take this opportunity to download the updated CABnX/CLOzX Catalog, as well as the 2020 Design CABnX and CLOzX catalogs. The pages that had changes are listed below in the event that you wanted to print out a hard copy for your own catalog binder.

  • Page 232 added Light Hide P52 and Dark Hide P53 to color chart
  • Page 183 added notes to Toe Kick Cover & Vertical Grain Toe Kick Cover
  • Page 186 added notes to Specialty Panels
  • Pages 214 & 363 added notes to Case Front (Door & DF) Modifications and Door/Drawer Modifications, respectively

Again, we’d like to remind you that our Dealer Page will always have the most up-to-date version of both the regular catalogs and the 2020 Design catalogs. We continually update these throughout the year and send out notifications when there is a noteworthy change. Please be sure the update/download these items from our Dealer Page every couple of months throughout the year to be sure that you have the most recent versions.