As we are moving into month three for 2023, we wanted to go over a few important reminders with you.  Please take time to review the following:

Order Submittals
  1. All orders must be submitted to Customer Service using one of the following:
    A)  2020 .kit file
    B)  Quest Order Forms (available on our website’s Dealer Portal)
  2. CABnX and CLOzX orders will be acknowledged within 48 hours by Customer Service.  Please allow additional time for orders that contain Special Products.
Order Acknowledgement

A signed Order Acknowledgement is required in order to release your order into production. An email approving the Order Acknowledgement, with that Order Acknowledgement attached, will also be accepted as approval. All Order Acknowledgements must be received by Friday at noon in order to secure the ship week based on current lead times, as noted on the dealer portal. Please note lead time is based on the date of the final approval of the order.

Quest’s Website Dealer Portal

The Quest Dealer Portal, located on our website, is a great tool for all of our dealers to utilize. Please remember to refer to that page for Lead Times, Material Tracker, and the most up-to-date versions of our 2020 Design Catalogs and the CABnX/CLOzX catalogs.

Other Dealer Portal tools available to you are Product Brochures, Installation Instructions, Order Forms, Jobsite Delivery forms, etc. If you do not have a login or need your login reset, please let our Customer Service Team know.

It is important to us that you, as Quest Dealers, stay well-informed and knowledgeable on the tools available to you and all order processes. We are grateful for all of the projects that you have used Quest cabinets for already and we look forward to being your frameless cabinet provider for your upcoming projects.